Meet our Instructors

Shannon Vicente – Constitution Cycling

Shannon Vicente has been enjoying cycle classes for over 6 years. Three years ago she turned that joy of indoor cycling into a leadership role and became certified to teach classes herself. Her fitness lifestyle began 12 years ago when she made running a part of her daily life. She quickly gained a love for the sport and completed the NYC Marathon in 2013. Shannon is Spin certified by Mad Dogg Athletics and is also CPR certified. When Shannon’s not on the bike, she usually spends her free time at the baseball fields watching her two sons or the basketball court/soccer field with her daughter. Always pushing others to be the best version of themselves, Shannon has taught over 700 classes at Constitution Fitness and we hope you’re a part of the next 700!

Claire Benson-Muller – Personal Trainer

Claire has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. With experience in Personal Training and constant training, she seeks to bring the best experience to her clients inside the studio. When Claire does get some time to herself, she loves her dogs whom she’s rescued over the years. She’s a very big advocate for traveling and meeting new people, sharing experiences and living a happy and fulfilling life. Come meet Claire for a personal training session! Feel great and look even better – Client references can be found online on Claire’s website

Nico DeRosa – Personal Trainer

Nico is a strength coach and personal trainer from Milford, CT. Currently, Nico holds a BS in Exercise Science from Southern Connecticut State University with a focus in Human Performance. When he was 18, Nico immediately began working as a personal trainer which helped him gain an enormous amount of experience up to this point in his career. Since, he has worked with hundreds of athletes ranging from middle school to the professional level. He also works with a number of adults who are training to be healthier and has helped people get back into exercising regularly. Nico’s love is for working with ANYONE motivated to make a change to their body and life and a whole. Bring him passion, he’ll bring you RESULTS!

Wendy Bien-Aime – Yoga Instructor

For years, Yoga classes served as a safe space for Wendy to cultivate the connection of mind, body, and spirit. She believes the best Yoga teachers help people find the room to explore their practice and deepen their awareness. She meets students at all levels where they are by embracing each individual. Her goal as a Yoga instructor is to be a guide in helping people discover what they need within themselves.